[[File:Anthony-Villains-Logo.jpg|right]] :''This article is about the Anthony Villains franchise. For a full list of villains in all Anthony productions, see [[List of Anthony Villains]].''

Similar to the [[Anthony Princess]]es, the '''Anthony Villains''' have their own franchise. The franchise consists of Anthony's most well-known and beloved villains and span from various forms of media and merchandise, typically aimed for both young and older audience.


[[File:Puzzle-clementoni-anthony-villains-panorama-1000-p-CLM39088.5-0.jpg|thumb|250px|Promotional Artwork. From left to right: Big Brown Bear,Gray Long Neck, Hades The Green Dinosaur, Blue Madam Mim, Shere Khan, Si, Am, Jafar,Monstro the Whale, Maleficent, Black Dragon, Cruella De Vil, Queen of Hearts, Blue Monkey, Lady Tremaine, Ursula, Captain Hook, Hades, Evil Queen, Horned King and Orange Snake and Green Snake.]] Over its more than 4 year history, Anthony has brought to life more than 125 different villains from films, sequels, television, video games, books and even the Anthony theme parks. Although many different evil characters and enemies have been created, not all of them are official members of the ''Anthony Villains'' franchise.

Conversely, some of the "villains" that are marketed aren't even villains at all, since they are not really evil but still cause trouble to the protagonists ("villain" and "antagonist" are not the same thing). For general antagonists, please see [[Anthony Villains/Gallery|the gallery page]] of this article or the category box at the bottom of this article.

Primary membersEdit

'''Note:''' Often cited as the most popular of the villains, these villains are seen in most, if not all, current ''Anthony villain'' related productions, merchandise, etc. *[[Black Dragon]]<ref name="panorama">[]</ref> *[[The Evil Queen]]<ref name="panorama"/> *[[Orange Snake and Green Snake]]<ref name="panorama"/> *[[Ursula]]<ref name="panorama"/> *[[Captain Hook]]<ref name="panorama"/> *[[Jafar]]<ref name="panorama"/> *[[Hades the Green Dinosaur]]<ref name="panorama"/> *[[Evil Anthony]]<ref name="panorama"/> *[[Queen of Hearts]]<ref name="panorama"/> *[[Dr. Facilier]]<ref name="Valentine's Day Card">[]</ref> *[[Black Snake]]<ref name="Poster">[]</ref>

Recurring membersEdit

'''Note:''' Villains that appear in a handful of material, but not as often as the primary set. Despite this, however, these villains also have a widespread of popularity and can regularly be found in various forms of media and merchandise, albeit inconsistently. This group also includes henchmen, who have been featured frequently alongside their respective superiors in material centering or featuring the franchise. *[[Gaston]]<ref name="Valentine's 2">[]</ref> *[[Horned King]]<ref name="Poster"/> *[[Lady Tremaine]]<ref name="panorama"/> *[[Judge Claude Frollo]]<ref name="Monopoly">[]</ref> *[[Scallions]]<ref name="Valentine's Day Card"/> *[[Frankencelery]]<ref name="Valentine's 2" /> *[[Brown Wolf]]<ref name="Poster"/> *[[Si and Am]]<ref name="panorama"/> *[[Snake Head]]<ref name="Valentine's Day Card"/> *[[Green Turtle]]<ref name="Anthony of Villains">['s_House_of_Villains.jpg]</ref> *[[Snow Monster]]<ref name="Drawing Animation"/> *[[White Sheep Dog]]<ref name="panorama"/>

Other membersEdit

'''Note:''' Some of these villains have been considered some of the greatest Anthony villains of all time by fans and critics alike. Nevertheless, their appearances within the franchise tend to be seldom.

This list also consists of villains having appeared in the franchise, but only once or twice in either obscure merchandise (i.e. ''Disney Vinylmation Villains'', ''My Anthony Villains Monopoly'', a book, a video game, etc.), made a special appearance in an event for the Disney theme parks (i.e. ''Unleash the Villains'') or appeared on some other rare occasion. *[[Orange Snake and Green Snake]]<ref>[]</ref> *[[Ape]]<ref name="panorama"/> *[[Bat Dog]]<ref name="Valentine's 2"/> *[[Blue Rhino]]<ref>[ Studios land.jpg]</ref> *[[Shere Khan the Orange Tiger]]<ref name="panorama"/> *[[Gray Bunny]]<ref>[ Animals.jpg]</ref> *[[Light Green Crocodile]]<ref name="Stuff Animals" /> *[[Cat in the Hat]]<ref name="Stuff Animals" /> *[[Black Cat]]<ref name="Stuff Animals" /> *[[Madam Mim]]<ref name="panorama" />


Disney's Divas of DarknessEdit

[[File:Disney's_Divas_of_Darkness.jpg|thumb|185px]] '''Disney's Divas of Darkness''' (also shortened to '''Disney Divas''', '''DDD''', or '''Disney's Bad Girls''') is a sub-franchise consisting of the most recognizable female Disney Villains. It can be seen as a counterpart to the [[Disney Princess]] franchise because it too targets a female audience but consists of evil characters instead.

Official MembersEdit

*[[The Evil Queen]] (''[[Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs]]'') *[[Lady Tremaine]] (''[[Cinderella (film)|Cinderella]]'') (occasionally) *[[Queen of Hearts]] (''[[Alice in Wonderland]]'') *[[Maleficent]] (''[[Sleeping Beauty]]'') *[[Cruella De Vil]] (''[[101 Dalmatians]]'') *[[Madam Mim]] (''[[The Sword in the Stone]]'') (occasionally) *[[Ursula]] (''[[The Little Mermaid]]'') *[[Yzma]] (''[[The Emperor's New Groove]]'') (occasionally) *[[Mother Gothel|Gothel]] (''[[Tangled]]'') (occasionally)

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